• Wedding Contract & Deposit Form

  • This document is a contractual agreement made between:

    Jessica Vallia (referred to hereafter as "Photographer")

    932 Potter Drive

    Colorado Springs, CO 80909

    Tel: 719-232-4275

    Email: jessicavallia@hotmail.com

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  • Payment Schedule: $200 Retainer is due upon booking. Remainder to be paid in full 60 days prior to wedding date. Cancellations and breech of contract result in photographer keeping the retainer to cover expenses.

    Album credits and all other print credits expire one year from wedding date. Album and print prices are subject to change without client notification.

    Entire Agreement: This agreement contains the entire understanding between Jessica Vallia Photography and the client. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing signed by all parties involved.

    Reservation: A signed contract and the minimum retainer is due is required to hold a wedding date. No exceptions.

    Pre-event Consultation: The parties agree to a pre-event consultation which shall take place approximately one month prior to the wedding date in order to finalize the photography times, locations and the client’s request list (in writing) for specific photographs. This can be per phone if both parties schedules conflict.

    Cooperation: The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment. Jessica Vallia Photography recommends that client designate an"event guide" to point out important individuals for informal or candid photographs to photographer during the wedding that they wish to have photographed. The photographer will NOT be held accountable for not photographing desired people if there is no one to assist in identifying those individuals or gathering them for photographs. Jessica Vallia Photography is not responsible if keyindividuals fail to appear or cooperate during photography sessions or for missed images due to details not revealed Jessica Vallia Photography.

    Copyright: Until final payment for services rendered is received, the photographs produced by Jessica Vallia Photography are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be used in any manner without the consent and written permission of Jessica Vallia Photography. Upon final payment by the client, limited copyright ownership of the resulting images will be transferred to the client under the following conditions:-The photographic images are the property of the client for personal use and for the purposes ofreproduction in order to give photographs to friends and family.-The images are not to be sold or used for a profit.-The client must obtain a written permission form and compensate Jessica Vallia Photography prior to the client or their friends and family publishing the photographs. Photos are NOT to be altered, cropped or edited in any way. Violation of this falls under FederalCopyright Law (U.S Title 17) and is punishable by law.

    Exhibition: Client grants Jessica Vallia Photography permission to display selected images resulting from this assignment as an example of Jessica Vallia Photography’s work and for entrance into photographic competition. Client thereby releases all claims to profits that may arise from such use of selected images.

    Model Release: The client hereby grants to Jessica Vallia Photography and its assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the client or in which the client may be included, foreditorial, trade, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner and medium; and to copyright the same. The client hereby releases Jessica Vallia Photography and it’s assigns from all claims and liability relation to said photographs.***Approval via client

    Exclusive Photographer: Jessica Vallia Photography shall be the exclusive photographer retained by the client for the purpose of photographing this wedding. Family and friends of client shall only be permitted to take photographs as long as they shall not interfere with the photographer’s duties. The only time that anyone aside Jessica Vallia Photography or their assigns, is allowed to photograph is during candid moments in which Jessica Vallia Photography has not instructed anyone for photographs. A critical photograph can be obstructed by a guest trying to get the same shot. Jessica Vallia Photography reserves the right to limit access of other photographers, amateur or otherwise. The hiring of another photographer, professional or amateur without notifying Jessica Vallia Photography voids this agreement. In the event Jessica Vallia Photography is not required to cover the event or return paid photography fees. In the event that family and friends are taking photos, Jessica Vallia Photography is NOT responsible for ruined photos, obstructed photos or photos ruined due to separate flashes going off.

    Photo Cooperation: In the event that on the day of the event the client has asked us to stop taking photos due to weather, dress malfunction, drama or any other situation out of our control, Jessica Vallia Photography is not held responsible for images not taken that would have normally been taken during that time. In the event that a special interactive activity (can include but not limited to giving of gifts, special dances, toasts, announcements, ect.) happens that photographers were unaware of or were not mentioned in the questionnaire that was filled out, Jessica Vallia Photography will not be held responsible for those missed shots.

    Food: Wedding contracts that are contracted out longer than 4 hours are required to provide a meal for Jessica Vallia Photography and its crew. The photographers must be fed at the same time as the bride and groom so that Jessica Vallia Photography are then able to cover all the events as they happen. If Jessica Vallia Photography and its crew is given a meal after all the guests and the next portion of events has started (i.e. toasts, cake cutting, first dance), those shots will be missed if Jessica Vallia Photographyand crew has not been able to eat.

    Limit of Liability: In the unlikely event that photographer is injured or becomes too ill to photograph the event, Jessica Vallia Photography will make every effort to secure a replacement photographer. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.

    Jessica Vallia Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation and processing of photographs. However, in the unlikely event that the photographs have been lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within or beyond Jessica Vallia Photography’s control, Jessica Vallia Photography’s liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.

    Penalty Fees and Charges: There is a $50 charge on checks returned for any reason. Jessica Vallia Photography is not held responsible for items lost by the US Postal Service for invalid addresses oncontact forms. In this event, the client must pay $50 for the second set of USB drives and the shipping costs. In the event that Jessica Vallia Photography stays longer than agreed upon at the event due to the clients schedule, (ex: client running late and all photographs pushed back due to the time it takes to getready), the client MUST compensate Jessica Vallia Photography at a per hour rate of $200 due on the day of the event. If this compensation is not received, the digital images from the event will remain Jessica Vallia Photography ‘s property and will not be released to the client. A $35 per day late fee will be charged on any late payment. Cancellation less than 90 days in advance will result in a $250 cancellation fee on top of the full amount due. If services are not paid for Jessica Vallia Photography reserves the right to send any debt to a collection agency or court of law in order to collect a debt.

    Travel Fees: There is a travel fee for locations within 10+ miles outside of Colorado Springs. Travel fee will be discussed with client before booking. Any expenses photographer may have due to travel outside Colorado Springs area is the responsibility of the client. Ex: hotel, car rental, meals, ect.

    Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation, all monies paid to Jessica Vallia Photography are NON-REFUNDABLE. Jessica Vallia Photography requires cancellation to be in writing and signed by both parties. In the event of a cancellation 90 days or less of the event, total agreed amount balance is due plus a $250 cancellation fee.

    Completion Schedule: Processing, editing and USB creation takes approximately six to eight weeks.

    Social Media: Client shall only use watermarked images on social media (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, dating apps, and Pokemon) and will NOT use any filters or graphics on photos provided from the wedding or any session there after.

    2017 Discounts:

    All weddings booked before January 31, 2017 will recieve a 35% discount applied to final price after retainer has been paid.

  • Silver

    4 hours event coverage (one location only)

    250+ images

    Custom USB

    Password protected gallery for friends and family

    Soft Cover Brag Book



    6 hours of event coverage

    400+ images

    Custom USB

    Password Protected Gallery for friends and family

    Soft Cover Brag Book

    2nd Associate Photographer for ceremony



    Mini Engagement Session

    8 hours of event coverage

    550+ images

    Custom USB

    Password Protected Gallery for friends and family

    2nd Associate Photographer for getting ready & ceremony

    10x10 Lux Album (30 pages)



    Engagement session

    2 Hours Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

    10 Hours Event Coverage

    800+ images

    Custom USB

    Password Protected Gallery for friends and family

    2nd Associate Photographer for 5 hours

    10x10 Lux Album + 2 highlight albums for parents


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