Jessica Vallia Photography | About
I could tell you all about where I am from and why I love capturing your memories but let's be real there is so little time in the day for things like that. There's always a minute that can't be gotten back scrolling on your phone, or an afternoon wasted on piles of laundry. I decided this year that there was no more time to waste thinking about what could be and to just jump in and enjoy my life and expand my career!
Personally, I am always just 10 lbs away from my goal weight, or spending hours of my week trying to talk my kids into getting along for more than a few minutes at a time. But this year I am setting goals and then diving right in to accomplish them. One of them is no longer working on Sundays; my four amazing little people need that family time that we can't get back next week or the week after. My monthly personal goal is to take those walks even if they are just up and down my stairs carrying a 23 lb tot while I get healthy now and not later. My weekly goal is to read with my middle children at bedtime, and have them read to me. I can't do it next week and those moments I would miss if I tried are way too hard to get back. And my daily goal is to wear makeup less often, answer the phone when friends and family call, and not to be on my computer after 6 pm! There is no way I get all of these right all of the time, I'm human if anything else. But there really will never be another of these moments to savor, not exactly like the moment you are in.
These are the reasons I'm a photographer. At the very least I like to think my super power is to save a few of those moments for you whether it's your wedding day tears or a picnic full of laughter on a Saturday afternoon. Those moments don't come around twice and no one ever captured them waiting for the year, month, week, or day to be perfect timing. My goals in life and my career are about embracing who I am and who you are today, in this moment.