Jessica Vallia Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jessica Vallia Photography (Jessica Vallia Photography) Thu, 21 Jun 2018 19:44:00 GMT Thu, 21 Jun 2018 19:44:00 GMT Jessica Vallia Photography: Blog 80 120 A Staph Infection Almost Ruined My Wedding Season That's right, I got a staph infection... on my face! Not just on my face, I got a staph infection just above my eye where my camera's viewfinder sits ON my face. This past October I had shot many weddings, with several more to go, and I got what seemed to be a pimple just above my eye lid but not quite on my eyebrow. This seemed to be a really odd place for a pimple, but eh, who am I to say where someone might get a pimple? I tried popping it. Nothing happened. I lied, it got bigger but didn't pop. I tried putting a hot compress on it. It got bigger. It hurt so incredibly bad and I had to shoot a private elopement with this "THING" on my face. I as mortified. 

I cried, because good people shouldn't get giant, monster pimples on their eyeballs! My husband was with me this day assisting and he just kept starring at it, I could just feel it. By the next day the pain was more than I could bare, so finally on day 4 of this beast I caved and went to urgent care. 

I sent these pictures to a friend, a fellow photographer, because it dawned on me that is exactly where my camera sits on my face. I had googled "staph infection" the night before and pretty much thought I was about to go blind (that can actually happen, tho I likely wasn't in danger of going blind at this point). The infection had started to bubble up under my eye as well. 

The doctor laughed, we all laughed tho I wanted to cry. She drained it with a giant needle after I refused to lance it open and have stitches above my eye. I clearly can't take selfies with any grace in this state ha! I was sent home with antibiotics for TEN DAYS as the infection had spread and I didn't want to chance it getting worse. The next day however, it was worse. 

I ended up going back to the doctor to find the infection had festered overnight. In the end we decided to let the antibiotics do their job before panicking. By day 4 of antibiotics (day 8 of the giant beast) I was finally starting to see some improvement! All of this because I rarely cleaned the eye piece on my camera! I never even thought to do such a thing between weddings or family sessions. Cleaning your gear is so important, I don't know that I'll ever shoot without a quick alcohol wipe down ever again. For more information on staph infections, how you get them, and staph lives I recommend WebMD...  As for me, I am fully mended but wanted to give a warning, heads up, whatever you'd like to call it to fellow photographers... CLEAN YOUR GEAR! 

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Summer Bridal Inspiration | Fountain, Colorado As photographers we sometimes have our own ideas after attending so many weddings! This year I wanted to showcase a beautiful bride and a bunch of adorable flower girls because five is better than one, right?! Two of these little dolls were my own, one was the brides own daughter, and the others we borrowed from the vendors and second photographer. This was such a blast to create! Check out some of the details before we see the girls. 

The cake and other tasty treats were courtesy of Iced and Dazzle in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Linda is by far one of my favorite vendors because not only does her food look amazing, but I could die a happy photographer eating all of her amazing desserts!

Styling and Props were by the ever amazing Patty with A Love Tale Rentals in Colorado Springs! She can always see my vision and run with it, it's always perfection! 

The florals for this day were handmade with love by the talented Brenda with Design by Brenda also in Colorado Springs. I was literally blown away when she stepped out of her car with this majestic bouquet and floral crown! 

Now let's check out our little models! 


And on to our overly stunning bride! 

Special thanks to the entire team! Here are a few behind the scenes of our amazing day! 

You can find the vendors here! 

A Love Tale Props & Rentals:

Design by Brenda (Floral):

Iced & Dazzle:

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Stephanie + Tyler | Beacon's Beach, California Our family went on vacation this year to San Diego, California! I was dying to shoot on the beach and Denver photographer Stephanie Sugaski with Brick and Willow Photography by Stephanie Sugaski offered to let me practice on her and her husband (who were also vacationing). Check out some of shots we grabbed this super sunny California afternoon! 

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Hale Family | Fountain Creek Nature Center This session guys! So we rescheduled due to weather about one million times. I felt like it was never going to happen! This family, I could put them in my pocket and keep them forever! If you have read any of my previous blogs I have to say I like to keep my families and I always struggle between that connection and wanting to make them my friends and trying to remain professional, but who has time to always be professional?! Check out their highlights (and Alex as you're reading this, I seriously loved working with your family!) 

And then Theo... holy smokes this kid is cute! He says he's Theo "with the chocolate ice cream eyes" <3 <3 <3 Whaaat?! 

And finally their video with even more amazing family togetherness! I cannot imagine a Colorado Family Photo session going more smoothly! This military family in Colorado Springs made my job as a photographer easy and insanely enjoyable! 


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Moore Family | Calhan, Colorado The Moore family was the most magical session so far this spring! We rescheduled due to weather about a half dozen times but the night we ended up going out to Calhan, Colorado was warm and golden! This Colorado Family Session was full of laughter, bright golden light, and silly faces. I love how close they are as a family, sharing intimate moments and belly laughs for days. Be sure the check out their full length video full of smiles and special moments. 


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Holland Family | Rock Ledge Ranch Colorado Springs There were so many moments about this family session to swoon over in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Rock Ledge Ranch at Garden of the Gods offers a rustic backdrop with amazing mountain views and compliments so many types of portrait photography. The Holland family are rooted here in Colorado Springs on military assignment but we had so many things in common, it was like meeting old friends for the first time! I had a blast with them and their gorgeous children during this sunset adventure.  Check out my fav's from their session. Make sure you stay tuned for their full length video at the end! 

"This is our happily ever after..." 

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Kamryn the Fox | Colorado Springs, CO If you saw my last blog with the floral and unicorn crown by Taryn Avery Newborn Photography & Props then you will not be surprised to read that this is a custom creation of hers made just for me! I think if senior photography was more stylized like this I could totally be down to working with more seniors! Kamryn is the daughter of long time family friends and I have known her since she was 4! I adore her spunk and humor (so much like her parents) which is why I HAD to add some of her outtakes, sorry girl! 

Check out the amazing session we had with the most amazing spring Colorado afternoon! 

Fox crown a courtesy of Taryn Avery Photography & Props 

Hair & Makeup by Kayla Severs with Grace and Lace by Kayla

Jeweled belt detail by A Love Tale Rentals 

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Kennedy | Modeling in Colorado Springs As a wedding photographer I don't always get to work on creative projects. So when my friend and fellow photographer started making her own props for her shop I had to, HAD to have a couple of them.  Through mutual friends I met and was able to work with Kennedy who is an accomplished dancer and young model. I would love to share some of her images from our day! 

A huge thank you for styling & the gorgeous chair goes to A Love Tale Rentals 

Unicorn & Floral crowns are a courtesy of Taryn Avery Photography & Props 

Hair & Makeup by Kayla Severs with Grace and Lace by Kayla

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The Wilbert Family | Bear Creek, Colorado Springs When I got to my session at Bear Creek I hadn't met this family so I didn't know who I was looking for. But there was an adorable little family of 3 having a picnic in the park. That had to be them, and it was. Alexis is a professional runner and Adrian is a Medevac Pilot in the military.  Alexis asked me to create some fun playing moments more than she wanted any posed images. You tell me, do you think I did the job?! 

Anytime a family would rather play than pose I am all for it! Bear Creek in Colorado Springs offers trails and greenery with mountain views perfect for family photography sessions. 

My favorite moments were the close up, emotion filled moments! Even after their little man got tired (playing is a lot of work after all)!  Be sure to check out their full length video full of laughs and tons of fun! 

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Amanda & Daniel Mountain Top Maternity When Amanda contacted me she wanted a maternity photo session that embraced their love for hiking in the Colorado mountains. They moved here for their love of hiking and the outdoors from Kentucky. They are expecting their first child, Oliver, in just a few weeks and we were able to play and laugh and make some very special memories! This mountain maternity session was one of my favorites so far this year, and visually stunning! 

Amanda looked stunning when she stepped out of the car, like an angel!

This stunning shot was taken on a little trailhead right outside of Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs. Beyond these gorgeous trees is an inlet to the river... 

After we played and laughed in the river we drove up Gold Camp Road for some amazing mountain views right in the heart of Colorado Springs!

Our session ended at sunset, like most of my sessions do, with a tired but happy Mama to be! I couldn't have asked for more this fine Spring day! I cannot wait to meet Mr. Oliver in August for our family session! 

Check out all of their amazing images on the video below!

Hair and Makeup by: Allie Underwood Makeup Artistry

Sofa Rental by: A Love Tale Rentals

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Steak Smash ::: Christopher Turns 30 ... "now it smells like beer, fire, and steak sauce in the truck!" uttered my 13 year old. And it did! I love supportive husbands, love them for so many reasons! I'm a mom, wife, and photographer and it echoes in every aspect of my life. My husband loves my ideas and so with that in mind I asked him (cough. cough. I mean told him) to help me out on an idea I had. 

The set. I am no set designer but I did my best! What 30 year old man does't love a good beer? (Ok, this is 3.2 beer from the grocery store because I forgot to go ahead of time, my bad!) And my hubs personally would have rather seen a Monster can up there but... ah, he liked it ;) 

The Smash. This is his personality. And years after being in the Army, one learns how to EAT when they need to eat. For that I thank you United States Army. 

Getting tired of these yet? Me either! 

Go big, or go home as they say...

For all of the laughter and all of silliness I have to thank my husband! He's a supportive, amazing man! Baby, you made my day with this, but mostly I love how silly we are together. Who knew this would turn into a love post?! 


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A Groom's Gift That Will Blow His Mind!

I am happy to announce that in 2017 Vita Boudoir will be joining me to make your groom the happiest man on earth! In my top two packages Janelle and her team will make you not only look but feel stunning for your Groom To Be in a big way on your special day! I get requests for boudoir all of the time, and ladies... it's not my thing! I love collaborating with photographers in other genres and I would like to take a few minutes and introduce you all to Janelle interview style! I wanted to create a gift for my husband last year and Janelle and I traded sessions, seeing what would be a good fit as far as style and experience; I asked her the questions that I personally would want to know, if I were in your shoes. And yes, she HAS photographed me and my husband was extremely happy with the book I gifted him! Her family session with her fur babies and hubby was gorgeous and is up on the blog if you haven't seen it!

Me: How did you know you wanted to be a boudoir photographer?  

Janelle: I loved photography from a young age and when I started offering sessions I shot everything I could.  Couples, weddings, newborns, boudoir, families, pets, you name it I tried it.  After about two years I realized my real love and passion with with boudoir.  I love the glamour and showing women a different side to themselves.   To this day I credit specializing and growing my passion in one specialty to my growth and success.  Being a premier boudoir photographer is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I love that I get to do my dream job and build women's confidence and self love everyday.  For a college drop out with no real education in business or photography I think I’ve done ok for myself.

Me: What makes YOU personally feel beautiful?  

Janelle: This is a strange questions for me because I spend most of my time making other women feel beautiful haha.   What makes me feel good about myself is taking the time to give myself self care.  Reading books, in a bath with Epson salts and essential oils, yoga, riding my horse.  Those are all things that make me feel good and happy, and when I am happy and feel cared for I feel beautiful.  I also love a nice glam day, of pampering, nails hair and make up done with a killer outfit.  But even when none of those things have been done, and I've worn the same yoga pants for 3 days and haven't showered (we've all be there) my husband can always look at my and make me feel like that glam, pampered, beautiful girl and that's pretty special to me.

Me: What kind of outfits should I bring?  

Janelle: Outfits set the stage for your whole session and are so important.  I always recommend a variety of outfits, like bra and panty sets, body suits, teddies, ect.  Its always great to mix up colors and patterns.  If clients are nervous about a specific area of the body outfits can really help make you feel more comfortable and confident.  If lingerie is not your thing you can bring your spouses dress shirts, jerseys, jeans or shorts, or even shoot "in the sheets".  Every client is different and I love getting to highlight their personality and style.

Me: What is the best feedback you've gotten from a bride about her groom's gift?  

I am Mrs. H's husband, and I just wanted to thank you for the work you did with her the other day.  I don't know if you are aware of this, but she has been battling a bit of depression and anxiety the last few years. It has been hard on us, but we have been working through it.  It took her a long time to build up the courage to visit you even though I, and a few others, had been trying to build her confidence to do it for a while now. Well, let me tell you, the change in her since visiting you has been phenomenal. She sounds like who she was before the breakdown. She is happy, confident and in very high spirits. I am out of state, training for another over seas deployment, and when I spoke to her on the phone that day when she had her pictures taken, I was almost in tears hearing my love sound so well. It has been a long time since I heard her sound like that. I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped bring back out of her. I know that we will look at those pictures for years to come and they will only help serve to remind her of what an amazing woman she is. I'm also pretty sure she will visit your studio again before I come home next year.

Thank you so much,
Mr. H"

Ummm LADIES! Can every husband be like this please?! 

Me: I'm shy behind the camera, are you sure you can make me look like THAT?! (Because I AM, and I DID ask her this before my session!)

Janelle: Absolutely 100%.  My clients are regular people.  Many are moms with multiple children and all come in feeling nervous about the outcome of their session.   Everyone that steps into my studio has some form of self confidence issues and nerves.  For a lot of them I am the first photographer that has ever photographed them in lingerie or less and that can be a very vulnerable thing.  First thing we always do is hair and make up.  It gives us an hour or so to chat and get to know each other, and the styling always gives clients an automatic confidence boost.  When it's time to start shooting we normally pick the most covered outfit to start to ease into the session with easier poses so they get used to being directed and having a camera in their face.  I keep them talking and laughing to keep their mind off their nervousness and by the 2nd outfit most clients are completely comfortable and enjoying their session.  Before they know its we are done, and I always get an "That's it?  Wow that went by so fast, and wasn't bad at all.  I am so happy I did this, I can't wait for my next session!".  The best part comes when clients get to see and select their images and get happy tears in their eyes I know I've given them something more than just pictures.  That's the best thing about my job.

Meet Janelle! 

You can find more of information and work at and I will be working with each and every new bride to have a most amazing experience with her! All images in this post are courtesy of Janelle Machut. 

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M+K at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods is a magical place in Colorado Springs! With views that go on for miles and sunsets that rock everyone's world it is an amazing place for a session about love. Max and Kelly asked me to give them epic mountain views and romance so of course this was one of my top choices! View their gallery below and look forward to their amazing wedding late this summer! 






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Letter to new photographers... Dear New Photographer, 

You know who you are, you have a new DSLR and you love taking pictures with it, those moments they just speak to you! I know exactly how you feel, although I am old enough that my first camera was a Pentax K1000 and I learned how to take pictures with film, no preview, and even less control in the darkroom. I think honestly that is why I have stuck with it.  I had to get it right in the camera, if I didn't there was no photoshop to fix it. I used my light meter.  Yes, you have one too ha! I urge you to learn how to use it too, it's invaluable.  But let's get to why we are here, I have tips and knowledge and maybe criticism for you just starting out. I'm sorry right off the bat if any of this makes any of you angry, I wish someone would have stuck it to me straight from the get go. Then maybe I wouldn't have hung up my camera strap for 7 years. And I did, I didn't take any portraits or creative pictures other than pictures of my son for SEVEN years. My confidence was rocked and my heart was broken after a wedding went out of control. So read on new photographer... take it all in. 

Tip #1. Shoot everything! I mean everything! Bugs, weddings, babies, seniors, everything! But here is where the catch is, don't ruin someone's memories. If you still shoot on automatic, for the love of someone's big day DO NOT SHOOT A WEDDING ALONE. Hell... I don't care if you don't even charge them, if you haven't shot weddings with someone else first (or at least know that you are spot-freakin-on with focus and timing) don't shoot a wedding alone. You shouldn't be responsible for someone's memories until you know full control of your camera and the issues that can come up with a wedding. Do everyone a favor and ask a wedding photographer if you can second shoot with them. It'll save you so many headaches and it'll save someone's memories. 

Also, don't work with newborns unless you have been trained to do so. Come on now, these are people's brand new babies. You've all seen the pinterest fail pictures, don't be that photographer. Just find someone to shadow (and I've taken some terrible newborn photos, this isn't judgment but experience).  All those cute images of babies posed are not done in camera and you could actually hurt the baby trying. Just don't do it until you are trained to do it. 

Tip #2. Don't work without a contract! Wow. This is what rocked my confidence. I shot a wedding for a friend of a friend, hell they might read this, who knows. And I was young and stupid and didn't have a contract of any kind. The mother of the bride was a bitch straight up. She didn't keep track of family members during the posed pictures and forgot one of her young daughters during the large family grouping. She then demanded I photoshop her in, I did that. Then after that wasn't good enough (and I had it checked by a seasoned professional on quality), she demanded I do free shoots, I agreed. That wasn't good enough weeks later. She criticized the proofs because of dust. They were proofs. They were only for choosing final images (remember this was before digital galleries).  Then one fine day (my first wedding anniversary none the less) she showed up at my door with her daughter and demanded that I hand over all of the negatives (AKA your original files) that very moment. I had no contract, I was 20 years old and so frustrated with this 6 months of just utter harassment that even though I didn't want to, I eventually handed over the negatives. I will have you know, that because we were friends of friends, she had those beasts blown the fuck up (no apologies for language in this blog) and hung on hers and her daughter's walls. I was livid. I was crushed. And I didn't shoot anything for seven years. I didn't even own a camera for six of those years.  Get a contract. A solid contract. And then do not be bullied! Even if you are shooting for free. CONTRACT. 

Tip #3. Don't fall into trends. So spot color seemed awesome for a while, now we all know (or I hope to hell you do) that spot color is horrific. Don't do it. Have a style, but don't be too trendy. Crazy overly matte is muddy and it won't last. Sometimes you shouldn't shoot with a blurred background. Know what your style is, but don't overdo the trends. Some portraits are amazing with a blurred background, others need to be in focus. If you hiked two miles to see the epic mountain view, at least make sure that some of your wide views are all in focus or you have wasted yours and your client's time. That is all on this, try it all, find a style and then don't get lost in the trends. 

Tip #4. Don't charge people until you can shoot your camera in manual and produce consistent work. If every single damn session looks different and you don't know why yet... you are not ready to charge.  If your client tips you... High five! That is awesome! But if you don't know how to shoot in manual and work with lighting (indoors or natural sunlight) don't charge people even $5. Use them to learn, watch videos on YouTube, mentor, pay for workshops, do whatever you have to do to learn your trade before you decide you are a professional. Because... you aren't. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but you just are not a photographer... you are learning. Just because you have a DSLR does not make you a photographer.  Everyone does start somewhere but your starting should not include doing $50 sessions. I wish I had waited even 2 more years before charging after starting back up. Because then, I could have started charging what my time was worth.  

Tip #5 (last tip for today). Don't give up! There will be people who hate your work. They will judge you and make you feel like you should quit... don't! I can only imagine where I would be today if I hadn't quit. And now I find myself, 35 years old still building on what I could have done ten years ago. Continue to learn, and do it with confidence. If you don't love what you are doing, then you aren't a photographer or you haven't found your calling. I tried it all... and finally I have found what I want to do forever. I love shooting LOVE and that for me is families and weddings. I love spazzy kids that can't calm down. I love frazzled mom's that got dressed up just for their session just as much as I die over brides that are brimming with excitement to marry the love of their life. And I want to follow them from engagement to having their own families. I don't mind having a huge network of other photographers that I trust to capture their newborn moments because I don't want to. And those ladies are my friends! Yes, we don't compete we share and grow together.  

All of this is what I wish someone else would have told me along the way.  I want to grow and help other photographers grow. It's not a cheap hobby and it shouldn't be a cheap profession. Don't be cheap, don't be unprofessional, and just don't be scared to network with ladies you admire. They aren't scary, they are you years from now if you stick with it. And for your amusement... I've added some pictures I took with my freakin amazing Pentax K1000 back when I was a student and some now. This starts my 2017 #transformationtuesday blog. It won't be every single week but it will be often! I hope it inspires even one person. Maybe 10 people will read it and I'm ok with that! 

Ignore the 2008... I took this picture in 2000... 16 amazing years ago! I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer and I wan't paid for this session. I was all of 18 years old and was shooting film. I still have the negatives! 

And this as taken in 2002, also with my trusty Pentax! I now shoot Nikon and would never give it up for the world. But this image I love because it shows to get it right in the camera. I dropped my flash in a pond prior to taking these and had to use open lighting in a field... I'll always be proud of how this wedding turned out! 

And this is today! I know how to manipulate all lighting conditions and how to do it right in camera! If there is anything I'm proud of it is that I have learned why my camera does what it does. 

The sun doesn't scare me anymore than very low light does. And that is how I knew I was ready to charge what I feel like my time was worth. I'm not inexpensive and I am confident that my knowledge and time is worth what my clients are paying. Get there. Do that. And you won't regret it! 

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D+J at Dusk This week I had the extreme pleasure of working the Boudoir photographer Janelle at Vita Boudoir and her family! We got going later than I "usually" want to shoot outdoors.  As we drove over to a remote area of Fountain, Colorado my nerves were a wreck because I just admire her work so much that I didn't want to disappoint! The sun was going down so quickly and I was going through my mind as to how I would get her 4 fur babies to look at me at the same time! I was however stoked that her clothing choices for the two sets were on point! The first two images were the only golden light we captured which set my brain into overdrive to make sure that the mood would be romantic and magical... let me tell you, it happened! The clouds were moving moment to moment, the light was dancing on the brush, and these two were bursting with love! Check out some of my favorites from the session! 

There eventually came a point in the session that there just wasn't enough light to capture anymore colors or "glow" that I love so much! It was at that point that literally a light bulb went off in my brain... duh! Turn to the east to get the last few minutes of light on their faces! Sometimes it takes testing yourself to remember everything you already knew <3 And the east view had amazing blues and pinks lighting up the sky with twinkly lights in the background! 

And JUST before I decided we had soaked up every bit of light, and I think Janelle may have been actually worried it was way to dark (HA!) I wanted to get a few last details of just how gorgeous she is! 

It turned out to be such a lovely session, I am so very happy she trusted me to rock my camera and capture some memories for her and her adorable family! Plus... who doesn't love a seriously amazing man beard?! 

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Golden at Manitou Springs, CO

When photographers and models come together to work on something creative, beautiful things can happen! Fall 2016 in Colorado was not only gorgeous but exceptionally warm and lasted until nearly Thanksgiving.  Ashley seriously rocked this concept and stayed in that cold water for about 2 hours! I can tell you being about knee deep in the water for a few minutes here and there, it was COLD.  

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Photographing fellow Photographers!

This my friends, fans, and clients is Miss Rebekah of Kahva Photography! She specializes in full service, professional, amazing, stunning, beautiful Newborn and Birth Photography! I adore her (and her kiddos!) so very much. Her family is southern through and through although the hippies of Colorado seem to be getting to her, which is one of the reasons we get along so well. I was so very honored when she trusted me to photograph her and her family this fall. Check out some of the images we got, and some of the amazing Colorado scenery I am so very blessed to live near! Colorado Springs could not be more beautiful this time of year.  Did I add... I was hella nervous working with such an amazing photographer?! Ahhh! 

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Z+V Flagstaff Trailhead, Boulder Colorado  

There is a very special place in my heart for these two! Zach happens to be my cousin (the youngest cousin our side of the family!) and Vicki is his gorgeous wife! Let's be honest, I pretty much begged them to let me photograph them and they caved... the end result were these gorgeous images! Boulder Colorado has a beautiful backdrop of pine trees and sunshine. Being a Colorado native, I was born and lived in Boulder until I was 12 years old, and it still holds a special place in my heart. The day we did these happened to be CU game day, duh... should have checked first! It was craziness two hours prior to game day and took us quite a while to get up the trail head to the city's overlook where Zach and Vicki were married a little over two years ago.  Zach also proposed in an area just south of this on Flagstaff Rd so naturally, this was the place to have their session! 



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S+S at Edgewood Inn Woodland Park, CO

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Halchak Photography on this simply stunning wedding on September 3, 2016. Every detail of this Colorado Mountain wedding was spot on! Edgewood Inn offers a beautiful backdrop of pine trees and gorgeous views of the Colorado Rockies from their airy ceremony site in Woodland Park, Colorado. 


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Me, Myself & What I'd Like To Do For You I thank you for visiting my website! First off I would like to say, I'd LOVE to be your Colorado Photographer! I love making personal connections with my clients and their story. Let's be even more real for a moment, some clients I click (pun intended) so well with I make lifetime friends with them! Every family is unique and therefore every family I work with has a unique experience built around them and what they want to capture. All of that being said let me introduce myself! 

My name is Jessica Vallia... I go by Jess. I hate getting my picture taken but I LOVE making memories that are captured on a camera! That is the basis for my business! I don't want to just "take your picture" I want to capture laughs and love. My full time job is mother and wife. I have 4 children of my own, and they fill my soul with happiness and joy! My hubs and I have been married since 2010 and continue strong everyday through thick and thin! In 2017 each and every one of you will be happy to not only meet him as my husband but also my business partner in crime as he will head up my after session consults and be at your session assisting! Check out some of these gorgeous shots he got of me! 

I have been a photographer as a hobbyist since 1999! WOW, that makes me feel old! I took my art part time as a business after attending school for  Advertising at the Art Institute and deciding it wasn't for me.  I have been working part time and mothering full time since 2003. In 2017 I will be moving to photographing, blogging, and creating classes full time! Say what?! Yes! I will be really working my butt off in 2017 introducing so many new things to Jessica Vallia Photography. My main focus is families, weddings, couples, and children. 

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