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D+J at Dusk

November 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This week I had the extreme pleasure of working the Boudoir photographer Janelle at Vita Boudoir and her family! We got going later than I "usually" want to shoot outdoors.  As we drove over to a remote area of Fountain, Colorado my nerves were a wreck because I just admire her work so much that I didn't want to disappoint! The sun was going down so quickly and I was going through my mind as to how I would get her 4 fur babies to look at me at the same time! I was however stoked that her clothing choices for the two sets were on point! The first two images were the only golden light we captured which set my brain into overdrive to make sure that the mood would be romantic and magical... let me tell you, it happened! The clouds were moving moment to moment, the light was dancing on the brush, and these two were bursting with love! Check out some of my favorites from the session! 

There eventually came a point in the session that there just wasn't enough light to capture anymore colors or "glow" that I love so much! It was at that point that literally a light bulb went off in my brain... duh! Turn to the east to get the last few minutes of light on their faces! Sometimes it takes testing yourself to remember everything you already knew <3 And the east view had amazing blues and pinks lighting up the sky with twinkly lights in the background! 

And JUST before I decided we had soaked up every bit of light, and I think Janelle may have been actually worried it was way to dark (HA!) I wanted to get a few last details of just how gorgeous she is! 

It turned out to be such a lovely session, I am so very happy she trusted me to rock my camera and capture some memories for her and her adorable family! Plus... who doesn't love a seriously amazing man beard?! 


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