Jessica Vallia Photography | Steak Smash ::: Christopher Turns 30

Steak Smash ::: Christopher Turns 30

April 03, 2017  •  32 Comments

... "now it smells like beer, fire, and steak sauce in the truck!" uttered my 13 year old. And it did! I love supportive husbands, love them for so many reasons! I'm a mom, wife, and photographer and it echoes in every aspect of my life. My husband loves my ideas and so with that in mind I asked him (cough. cough. I mean told him) to help me out on an idea I had. 

The set. I am no set designer but I did my best! What 30 year old man does't love a good beer? (Ok, this is 3.2 beer from the grocery store because I forgot to go ahead of time, my bad!) And my hubs personally would have rather seen a Monster can up there but... ah, he liked it ;) 

The Smash. This is his personality. And years after being in the Army, one learns how to EAT when they need to eat. For that I thank you United States Army. 

Getting tired of these yet? Me either! 

Go big, or go home as they say...

For all of the laughter and all of silliness I have to thank my husband! He's a supportive, amazing man! Baby, you made my day with this, but mostly I love how silly we are together. Who knew this would turn into a love post?! 



Ashley, The Rad Mommy(non-registered)
This is Amazing!! Bacon and it!
Chelsea Ellingson(non-registered)
Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING. Forget cake smash, I'd take a steak smash any birthday!!
And seriously, these are great shots, not just the subject. :-) Good work!
Allie Moore(non-registered)
this is amazing! All the details are perfect, and your husband really got into it. Awesome.
Kristin Christian(non-registered)
This is the best! :)
Brittany Slaugh(non-registered)
I can't get over how awesome this session is!!
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